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FST’s response to the Scottish Government’s 2023/2024 Budget

FST is dismayed by the decisions outlined in the newly announced 2023/24 Scottish Government budget, including reduction in funding to Creative Scotland of over 10%. This follows long-term under-investment in the sector, the impacts of the COVID pandemic, and is happening during the worst cost crisis Scotland has experienced in decades. The effect on the fragile performing arts ecosystem, including struggling employees in organisations at every scale, and an essential yet exhausted and depleted freelance workforce, will be devastating and potentially irreversible.

We will meet Creative Scotland and the Scottish Government early next week to discuss the serious implications for the performing arts and the cultural sector in general. We will communicate to members and the wider community via social media as soon as possible afterwards.

Read our position on funding for culture from September this year: https://www.parliament.scot/-/media/files/committees/constitution-europe-external-affairs-and-culture-committee/fst-submission.pdf