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Develop and implement a consistent, sustainable and impactful advocacy plan, highly attune to the practical and policy needs of the performing arts, connecting the sector to the wider creative industries, and delivered in partnership with a range of industry bodies.


Always a crucial role undertaken by FST, our advocacy work is intended to: place dance, opera and theatre as a key component of Scotland’s civic and cultural life, ensuring a better understanding of the value of the sector at the highest levels; ensure national and local government policy and decision-making supports a vibrant sector; increase resources for dance, opera and theatre.

How will we achieve it?

  • Implementing the work of FST’s new Policy & Public Relations Lead, providing additional resources in this area for the benefit of our members and the wider sector 
  • Consulting actively with members on current issues, drawing intelligence from forums and communities of interest 
  • Responding to Government consultation and legislation, and the work of Parliamentary Committees primarily in Scotland but also in the UK 
  • Maintaining membership of a range of different forums and bodies including the Events Industry Advisory Group, Sector Support Bodies grouping, Cultural Partners Group (convened by Community Leisure UK) 
  • Retaining our strong partnership with Culture Counts, providing line management and secretariat (including HR and operational support) 
  • Continuing reciprocal membership and close working relationships with UK Theatre, the Independent Theatre Council and other partners 
  • Working in partnership with the Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society, Creative Scotland and the Scottish Music Centre on the development and delivery of the Made in Scotland Showcase. 
  • Developing and maintaining excellent relationships with funders and other stakeholders 

How can you get involved?

Making sure you or your organisation responds to call-outs for information, completes surveys or engages in forums, focus groups or discussions at Members Meetings. 

If you’re already a member, make sure that your mailing preferences are up-to-date – all of the advocacy updates and consultation requests are sent to those who are signed up for the ‘main mailing list’.

Do you have any questions about any of those areas? Drop us a line on hello@scottishtheatre.org

Or follow us on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn for any news and updates.

Scottish Parliament Demonstration pic. Andy Catlin