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FST Organisation Member Application Form

Many thanks for your interest in becoming a member of Federation of Scottish Theatre. To confirm your membership, please complete and submit the information in this form.

This form is split into two sections:

  • The first section is for your public profile on our website – please only submit information that you are happy for us to publish online within this section.
  • The second section is for your private contact details – this information will remain private. Further information on how we will process and store the information you provide is included in the Privacy Statement at the end of the form.

Organisation Member Application

1. Information for your public profile on the FST website

Any information you enter here will be publicly available on the members listings on our website. If there is anything that you don’t want to include in your online listing, please leave the box blank.

The name of the Organisation applying for FST Membership.


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Social Media

Add the full web addresses of any social media pages your would like to display on your Public Profile.

Your Work

If applicable, choose one or more groups that your target for your work.

2. Your contact information and mailing list preferences

This information will be held securely in our database and will not be listed publicly.

Financial details

Please enter your organisation's billing contact details, if different from above.

Membership Fees

ORGANISATION MEMBER: Please add your organisation's turnover below
Organisation Membership is open to any Scotland based professional organisation whose principal purpose is producing, presenting or curating dance, opera or theatre work.

Fee: 0.1% of turnover for your organisation's last financial year, with a minimum payment of £125 to a maximum of £2,550. Turnover is defined as grants, earned income, sponsorship, net profit from catering/bar operation on all theatrical activity (excluding all grants etc for capital developments).

Additional contacts for organisation

Membership Coordinator

Please enter the contact details of the person within your organisation who will act as the coordinator and main contact for your FST Membership. This person will be able to log in to the FST website to give more members of your team access to the FST website's members area.

Marketing Coordinator

Please enter the contact details of the person within your organisation who will act as the marketing contact for your FST Membership (if different from the Membership Coordinator). This person will be able to log in to the FST website to edit your organisation's logo and public profile within the FST Members' Directory.

Privacy Statement

To allow us to administer memberships we collect, process and store some personal data. Our lawful basis for collecting, processing and storing this information is legitimate interest as we need contact information in order to deliver membership benefits. When you join our network, we will update our CRM system with the details you provide in this form. We will contact you on an annual basis regarding your membership renewal and will check if we need to update the contact information we hold. You can also provide us with updated contact information at any time by emailing hello@scottishtheatre.org.

We will send you emails with information relating to membership benefits, including details of upcoming activities, events and opportunities. Should you wish to opt-out of receiving email communications from us you can do so at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link included at the bottom of every email.