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Covid-19 Resources

Scottish Government

You can always find the latest Scottish Government updates here: LINK
For specific Scottish Government sector guidance follow these quick links, Performing Arts and Venues sectorguidance and Events sector guidance.

Since Tuesday 5 January, mainland Scotland’s COVID-19 Protective Framework Level has moved from Level 4 to a temporary Lockdown, with new guidance to stay at home except for essential purposes. On Tuesday 24 February the First Minister published the revised Strategic Framework to gradually ease COVID-19 restrictions in Scotland.

The updated Strategic Framework sets out the six tools the Scottish Government will use to restore, on a phased basis, greater normality to our everyday lives. Scotland would then revert to a similar levels based system that was in place towards the end of 2020.

The six tools are defined as:

  • the quickest practical roll-out of our vaccination programme
  • the most effective use of Test and Protect
  • applying proportionate protective measures (rules and guidance) to suppress transmission of the virus
  • effective measures to manage the risk of importation of the virus
  • supporting individuals, businesses and organisations to adhere to protective measures
  • providing care and support to mitigate the harms of the crisis

There is likely to be a gap of at least three weeks between each easing of restrictions to assess the impact of changes and to check that it is safe to proceed further using the six conditions for safe easing set out by the World Health Organisation. Under the current timeline, it could mean that from the last week of April we could see a phased but significant re-opening of the economy, including non-essential retail, hospitality and services like gyms and hairdressers.

What work can take place at the moment?

Amongst the limited reasonable reasons to leave your home during the current restrictions are provisions for caring, outdoor exercise and going to work, but only if that work cannot be done from home. FST approached the Scottish Government to confirm how these new rules can be interpreted for the ongoing work of our members and we have been given the following guidance: 

  • The starting point for all is that if you can work from home, then you must do so.  For work that cannot be done at home, then you can travel to do so. You should plan for the minimum number of people needed to operate safely and effectively. 
  • Travel for work is permittedbut you should stay as local as possible and reduce requirements for people to travel, especially for any cross-border journeys outwith your local authority area or Scotland.
  • When undertaking any work during the current lockdown relevant industry-specific guidance (see below for links) should be followed at all times, with particular attention to ventilation, physical distancing, hygiene measures and other mitigations.

    Performing Arts and Venues sectorguidance
    Events sector guidance
  • Theatres and other performing arts venues must remain closed to the public, but may be used to:  record a performance; broadcast a performance to people outside the premises, whether over the internet or as part of a radio or television broadcast; rehearse, train, practise or otherwise prepare for a performance 

UK Government

You can always find the latest UK Government updates can be found here: LINK.
The following COVID-19 financial support is currently available through the UK Government:

Get in touch

FST continues to liaise with the Scottish Government and Creative Scotland to ensure the diverse needs of our sector are represented and heard. We will continue to update the membership via email, our website and social media as soon as we can ensure that information is accurate.

If you have any questions or enquiries during this time, regarding FST in general or more specifically concerning a particular issue then please email us at hello@scottishtheare.org

Below you can find further news, resources and advice relating to COVID-19.

SCVO’S Resources

Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations (SCVO) prepared a number of guidelines and sources of information: SCVO is managing the COVID-19 third sector information hub that will be constantly updated.  SCVO has set up a COVID-19 Stakeholder Network – they will provide regular updates to other organisations and bodies who can cascade information to their members, networks and contacts. Partners and […]

Support for FST Members: free PR advice

We know that this is a difficult and testing time for a lot of our Members. We’re pleased to let you know that we’ve engaged Owen O’Leary of Oh Really Creative to offer free ad hoc advice to FST Members

Coronavirus Anxiety Workbook

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Safeguarding Policies for Youth Theatre

This safeguarding resource has been created by Company Three, which exists to provide teenagers with connection, support and a space to express themselves. All their work is developed through long-term collaboration with our 75 members aged 11-19. Additionally, there are links to other resources created by youth theatres across the country. The safeguarding resource includes:  […]

Digital Rights Toolkit

The Space in London has put together a Digital Rights Toolkit, which includes: An introduction to what we mean by ‘digital rights’ A lexicon of the terminology around digital rights that has been developed by rights expert Ben Green in consultation with union representatives Tips on what to think about when approaching digital rights contracts […]