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Strategy Development

In December 2019 FST members agreed to develop a sector-led strategy to support theatre and dance in Scotland to thrive. In May 2020 FST contracted Alice McGrath to lead the strategy development.

Regular Strategy Development updates and news on future events will be communicated through the FST Newsletter and at Members’ Meetings in June and September 2021. To find the latest Strategy Development Resources click here.

If you wish to get in touch regarding FST’s current Strategy Development work, please contact:
Alice McGrath, Strategy Development Lead at alice.mcgrath@scottishtheatre.org

Strategy Aims and Development Themes

Phase 1 of the Strategy Development work (June – December 2020) focussed on consultation with the membership and sector, and sought to define needs, key issues and priorities for change. We are very grateful to all the Working Group participants for their contributions during this time. The impact of Covid-19 has been hard on the sector and amplified existing problems and challenges particularly in relation to the workforce. At the end of Phase 1 FST Members agreed to adopt the principles of a Wellbeing Economy – prioritising wellbeing and justice for people and nature at the heart of the strategy.

The sector strategy aims to strengthen the Theatre and Dance sector in Scotland for the benefit of audiences everywhere.
We will achieve this by developing activity in the following themes:

  • Wellbeing: prioritising fairness and wellbeing for people and nature
  • Access: championing equitable access to create, participate and engage in performance activity
  • Sustainable: making more effective and sustainable use of our resources
  • Partnership: nurturing greater collaboration and partnership working

NB: These aims are still in development and may continue to evolve in Phase 2.

Phase 2
March – September 2021

At the conclusion of Phase 2, we hope to have gathered further evidence and a deeper understanding of each of the themes that will help empower the sector to prioritise and set focused, and tangible, goals.

During this time development will focus on three types of activity to deepen learning and support our long-term goals/ actions:

  • Data/ information gathering and analysis
  • Sector capacity building through learning, sharing practice, skills development, collaboration
  • Advocacy through FST’s ongoing work in this area

Strategy Development Resources

To find and view the latest Strategy Development Resources simply click the button below.

Please note for some resources you will need to be logged into your FST Members account to download these.
If you have any issues accessing your account then please contact us at hello@scottishtheatre.org