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FST are currently considering how best to provide our annual Emporium in light of the impact of COVID-19 

In 2020, Emporium had a new format, which means that we were able to cater for work in all stages of development:
  • Early Stage: Ideas Showcase formerly known as ‘Early Dialogue Day’, this element of the day was an opportunity for artists / companies with a show at an early stage of development to have discussions with venues and promoters in an informal round-table setting. 
  • On Stage: Production Showcase was a new pilot of presentations done theatre-style of production-ready work. There were 4 presentations throughout the day.
  • Market Day happened the following day and it allowed artists and venues to promote and programme existing work available for touring within the next 6-12 months. It included a range of networking and promotional opportunities including open exchange and scheduled face-to-face sessions with companies, promoters and venues.

FST Emporium – Showcase Day

Eleven companies presented work at an early stage of development in a round table format:
  • Money Queen – Mamoru Iriguchi
  • Les Doigts – Theatre Sans Accents
  • Untitled Discotheque Project – Shotput
  • The Swansong – Directed by Eve Nicol
  • Tick Box – Lubna Kerr
  • The Tour of Life Before the Dawn – written by Claire McCracken, performed by Natalie Arle Toyne, directed by Molly Innes
  • In – Circar
  • NoMa – Bandwith
  • Sho and the Demons of the Deep – Zoe Bullock
  • Sherlock Holmes & The Adventure of the Red Headed League – Vivid Flame (Alyson Woodhouse & Tim Woodhouse & Michelle Rolfe) 
  • Untitled – Roberta Jean
FST Emporium Showcase Day
Round table presentations at FST Emporium: Showcase Day
pic. Andy Catlin
Four companies presented production-ready work on stage:
  • The Whirlybird – Eco Drama in association with Platform 
  • Bodies of Water – Saffy Setohy
  • Remember? – Nunah Theatre
  • Medea: Sun Goddess Rising – Nazli Tabatabai-Khatambakhsh
Theatre presentation at FST Emporium: Showcase Day
pic. Andy Catlin

FST Emporium – Market Day

What happens on the day:
FST’s Emporium is one of our flagship events. It meets the need in the sector for opportunities to network, promote and sell shows available for touring.

Market Day begins with an open exchange session where attendees get a chance to highlight who they are and what they do. Following this, about seven pre-scheduled face-to-face meetings take place. The day finishes with a drinks reception.

Face to face sessions:
These are a key element of Market Day. At the end of January, each attendee is sent a list of delegates and invited to choose the people they would like to meet, which can be up to seven meetings per person, depending on availability. Scheduled meetings are with a mix of your chosen delegates and those who request to meet you. A delegate pack is available with information on all the available productions and venues and relevant contact details.