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Young Audiences Sector Consultancy – Young Audiences Group

Job summary: We are seeking a consultant with knowledge of the arts sector in Scotland to collaborate with a Young Audiences Group in order to map the Scottish Young Audiences sector, better understand our needs and priorities, and begin to shape a vision for the future.


Theatre and Dance for Young Audiences 

Scotland has a strong tradition of creating incredible theatre and dance productions for children and young people, with work touring successfully across Scotland and around the world. Over the last 20 years, this area of Scotland’s cultural landscape has become a hothouse for artistic innovation, where artists and companies have produced shows full of wonder, joy and inspiration.

At the same time, the sector faces ongoing challenges including the perception and value of the work and a lack of stable financial investment. The Covid-19 pandemic has magnified these challenges and highlighted others such as the lack of diversity within the sector. Collectively, a group of organisations and individuals are striving to effect positive change and this project forms part of this work.

The Young Audiences Group:
The Young Audiences group is a collection of freelance artists, producers and organisations from the young audiences sector who are committed to making exceptional theatre and dance performances for audiences of children and young people in Scotland. The group was originally brought together by Imaginate following the RFO funding decision in 2018. Whilst the group has met informally since then, we have run sector wide open invitation sessions, and during COVID-19 have had regular online meetings in order to support each other and discuss the current/future development of our sector.

The current group consists of the following freelancers and RFO/non RFO organisations:

Tender Process:

Please download the full brief for information

Please submit a short tender proposal outlining your approach to the delivery of this work, along with a CV/biography. Please email your submission to louise@catherinewheels.co.uk

For an informal discussion about this project, please contact:

Louise Gilmour-Wills – louise@catherinewheels.co.uk
Rhona Matheson – rhona.matheson@starcatchers.org.uk
Heather Fulton – heather@frozencharlotte.com

For more information, please visit Starcatchers’ website.