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Dirliebane Theatre Company

Dirliebane (meaning funny bone in Scots) Theatre Company creates clown theatre performances for children, young people and their families. Our shows involve gentle, character clowning that creates naïve, optimistic, fun, light characters that children and young people can engage with. We develop our shows with children and young people focusing on key stages in a child's life to reflect the children's experience back to them in a fun, exciting and interactive way.
The co-Artistic Directors, Fiona Ferrier and Rachel Colles, have extensive experience in clowning with children and young people, both through Dirliebane and as clowndoctors and Artistic Leads for Hearts & Minds.
Over the last eight years, Dirliebane has toured three productions, BIG, SPACE and BOUNCE (2-3 tours of each show), worked in collaboration with Perth Theatre on The Cinnamon Sisters (Xmas 2021, and Xmas 2024), collaborated with Starcatchers on a new baby show coming to full production in 2024 (Laaaunch!), researched Virtual Reality Theatre (with Neoneight) and created a series of films and soundscapes through Covid.
Org Type: Producing Company/Individual
Work Produced: Theatre

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