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Puppet Animation Scotland

Puppet Animation Scotland nurtures and promotes the art forms of puppetry and animation in Scotland.
Through our portfolio of festivals, support schemes and activities we provide the practical means to foster creativity, innovation and excellence throughout Scotland's professional puppetry community. We also offer a range of skills and career development opportunities to encourage would-be practitioners to prepare for entry into the sector.
Puppetry is a subversive art form. Its essence is the animation of inert objects with life, intention and emotion. As children we adeptly create such narratives with the most unprepossessing of means - we play.
As cultures over the past millennia throughout the world have shown, puppetry has liberated adults to do the same - to create alternative fantastic worlds of the imagination, to articulate safely the sense and meaning of experiences, and to allow the anarchic and atavistic free reign.
Animation, with its relative techniques and aesthetics, offers us the same vivid opportunities to see with new eyes, hearts and understanding.
At its best Scottish puppetry and animation stands proudly with the best in the world, creating inspiration, enjoyment and the means for the better understanding of ourselves and the world around us.
Shona Reppe's Cinderella, Puppet State Theatre's The Man Who Planted Trees, Brian Taylor's animations of Rust Boy, and Sharon Colman's Oscar nominated short, Badgered, are powerful examples of Scottish skills and creative insights that have conquered the world.
Puppet Animation Scotland aspires to help and support puppeteers and animators at all stages of their careers to harness and release their artistic and technical abilities to create similar new work of the highest quality and ambition.
Address: Summerhall, 1 Summerhall, Edinburgh, EH9 1PL
Org Type: Education/Training, Umbrella Body
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