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Mona Kastell

A leader in the emerging paradigm of Ecoscenography, Mona is a designer/maker with a strong interest in social and ecological conscious design. Using the notions of Permaculture and ecological systems in her work, she offers holistic concepts for the visual arts. Her work with sustainable practice and research aims to engage and empower whole people to contribute to a healthy society and our planet. She places Nature, interactivity and authentic community engagement at the heart of her creative process, using natural materials and found objects.

Mona is one of ‘Ecostage’ co-founder, a go to autonomous online initiative that supports the creative industry in adapting to the climate crisis in consideration of emergent socio-political and environmental impacts in and beyond the production. At its heart is a pledge: a public act of commitment that not only provides individuals with a personal framework for a greener practice but also helps create the necessary collective momentum for sector-wide transformation.