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PPL and PRS – Licensing FAQs and Tariffs

The following documents can be downloaded here: 

  • PRS FAQs – this document was prepared by FST and lists some questions that have been asked by organisations in Scotland regarding PRS, licensing and responsibility for those. The answers have been provided by PRS.
  • Theatrical Presentations Tariff ‘T’ – valid from 1 January 2020
Photo of actors singing in Purposeless Movements show by Birds of Paradise Theatre Company to illustrate PRS licensing
Purposeless Movements, Birds of Paradise Theatre Company pic. Mihaela Bodlovic

Further information on PPL and PRS

PPL represents performers and record companies. PRS for Music is a society of songwriters, composers and music publishers. Both organisations ensure that the creators and performers of music are paid when their music is used in public. That’s why they have now joined forces to streamline part of what they do by forming PPL PRS Ltd. This will make it easier their customers as they can now obtain a single licence, TheMusicLicence.

Purchasing a PRS for Music licence helps you legally use or play music. Their website has a full list of licences and tariffs, which you can choose depending on what is most appropriate for your production.

PPL is more suitable for performers and performing rightsholders as they license recorded music when it is played in public or broadcast on the radio or TV in the UK and then distribute the fees to the performers and recording rightsholders they represent.