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Mentor Application Form 2022-2023

Mentor Application 2022-2023


Time Commitment:

Mentors must be available to attend all of the training sessions as follows:

Wed 20th April - in person, 10 – 4.30 pm, Edinburgh Venue TBC. Tue 26th - zoom – 10 – 1pm. Wed 27th - zoom – 10 – 1pm. Tue 10th May – zoom – 10 – 1pm. Wed 11th May – zoom – 10 – 1pm.

Mentors must also commit to 8-10 mentoring sessions with each of their two mentees between August 2022 and October 2023, following the training. There will also be two supervision sessions, dates TBC.
Are you able to attend all of the training dates as listed?

Career Summary

In the following section about skills and expertise, please select either 'Yes' or 'No'

Knowledge of wider sector
People management
Effective communication
Improving resilience, wellbeing and work-life balance
Management or transitioning into a management role
Leadership or transitioning into a leadership role
Workload management
Strategic thinking and implementation
Problem solving
Dealing positively with change
Do you use/would you be willing to join a WhatsApp mentorship support group?
Do you have any additional support needs we should be aware of?
Do you have the support of your employer/manager (if applicable)?

Privacy Statement

Your personal information is important to us. The contents of this form are kept confidentially and will be read by Andonella Thomson, Amanda Liddle and Fiona McCurdy (FST) to enable them to select mentors for the programme using the criteria described above. Any unsuccessful applications will be destroyed once the application process is complete. Successful applications will be kept on record for the duration of the programme and then destroyed. FST is the data controller for this information, thus taking responsibility for data management in this case. We keep details of the names of those who have been mentored for our records and we may approach you in future, if successful, to ask for anonymous feedback on the medium-long term impact of the programme. If you would prefer us not to keep your name on record or to be contacted in this way, please let us know. Mentoring relationships are always confidential and we will not disclose the mentor/mentee relationship beyond FST.