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Technical Advisory Group on Safer Systems (TAGSS)

The Federation of Scottish Theatre and Festivals Edinburgh has convened a Technical Advisory Group on Safer Systems, to support the route towards re-opening at a viable scale for the performing arts across Scotland by sharing information and good practice widely across the sector and providing a focal point for discussion with national authorities.  

Papers and outcomes from the group will be published on this page.

Lead Officers

Fiona Sturgeon Shea, CEO, Federation of Scottish Theatre
Julia Amour, Director, Festivals Edinburgh

Group Membership

Ruth Butterworth, Convenor and Co-Chair, Freelance
Robin Townley, CEO, ABTT 
Phillip Brown, Head of Risk and Safety, SOLT/ UK Theatre
Ann Monfries/ Sebastian Howell, Scottish Government
Louise Gregory, Production Manager, Freelance
Fi Fraser, Production Manager, Freelance
John Robb, Technical Director,
Edinburgh International Festival
Nik Whybrew, Operations Director,
Assembly Roxy Theatre/ Assembly Festival

Kevin Kimber, Head of Participant Services,
Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society
Jennie Green, Director, Great Leap Forward 
David Butterworth, Head of Production, The Lyceum
Graham Sutherland, Head of Production, Citizens Theatre
John Pike, Head of Technical Services, Horsecross Arts
Nick Trueman, Head of Production, Pitlochry Festival Theatre 
Tom Barnes, Co-Director, Lyth Arts Centre
Gemma Swallow, Technical Director, National Theatre of Scotland
Yolanda Aguilar, Executive Director, Shaper Caper

This group drew on the expertise of technical specialists identified through discussion with FST and FE members to:

  • Research examples of Covid-safe systems for venue and event production
  • Identify the key scenarios for which Covid-safe protocols are required  
  • Develop and publish a framework of templates
  • Provide feedback and advice to the Scottish Government
  • Provide information, support and advice to the performing arts, festival and performance events sector  

Through this work, we anticipate that

  • Venues and events managers across Scotland will be in a better position to (re)-open their venue or present a festival or performance event for the public when regulations allow them to do so.
  • The sector can demonstrate that it can operate safely and at scale when regulations allow it to do so.
  • It will be easier for local authority Health and Safety Executive, Public Safety and other Health and Safety officers to assess the measures taken by each venue or festival manager to meet statutory requirements to operate in a Covid-safe way that is proportionate to their event/performance/venue.
  • The safety of the public will be managed in a consistent and proportionate way in venues and at performance events across Scotland, and therefore public confidence will be increased.

TAGSS COVID-19 Checklists & Risk Assessments

The TAGSS COVID19 Checklists & Risk Assessments are free to use, under each section can be found a link to checklists and or risk assessments. The checklists and risk assessments have been derived from several resources including members of the TAGSS group, ABTT (Association of British Theatre Technicians) CITA (Costume in Theatre Entertainment and Arts) UK Theatre, Scottish Government and Government of Northern Ireland.

All checklists and risk assessments included are in line with current legislation and guidelines but please check Scottish Government and Local Authority as these can change.

Other TAGSS Documents

Click the download links below to view resources, documents run in chronological order.

  • TAGSS Terms of Reference, Date: 5 February 2021 – Download
  • TAGSS Meeting Minutes, Date: 18 February 2021 – Download
  • TAGSS Meeting Minutes, Date: 25 March 2021 – Download
  • Summary of TAGSS Responses to SG draft guidance, Date: 23 April 2021 – Download
    Calculating physical distancing capacity in public settings
  • TAGSS Meeting Minutes, Date: 28 April 2021 – Download
  • TAGSS Meeting Minutes, Date: 1 June 2021 – Download