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Starcatchers believes in the transformational power of the arts to inspire Scotland's youngest children and the people who care for them through creativity, performances and engagement projects.
What began as an experiment in Muirhouse in October 2006 exploring performances for babies aged 0-3, a previously un-catered for audience, has gone through many different phases to emerge as an organisation that works in communities across Scotland using the arts to transform and enrich the lives of Scotland's under 5s.
In 2006, people questioned what the point of theatre and creativity for babies was, in 2018, people question why there isn't more.
Our vision is delivered through three pillars of activity all rooted in creativity, designed to connect with babies, toddlers, young children, parents, carers and Early Years practitioners in communities across Scotland.
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Address: Registered Office UK Ltd, 64A Cumberland Street, Edinburgh, EH3 6RE
Org Type: Umbrella Body
Work Produced: Theatre

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