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Stellar Quines response to the #Metoo campaign

In the aftermath of the reports and allegations in the media this month, Stellar Quines have been considering how best to respond. As a theatre company that exists to celebrate, provoke, empower and inspire, they now invite you to:

  • Join their #Respectis campaign: share up to 3 words, in text, sound, film or images, anyway you prefer, which sum up what respect means to you. Tag your posts on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook with #Respectis to join a collective response to the bravery of disclosure seen through #Metoo to make a statement about what behaviours we expect and demand. Stellar Quines will use your words of hope as an inspiration for their next steps as an industry and a movement.
  • Create a vision of an alternative world in which women really get to shape their own reality: as artists, as leaders, as lovers. Next week they will be launching Answers on a Postcard which will invite you to help shape this world through your ideas.
  • Read news articles, projects and events. Stellar Quines will bring together as many news articles, events, resources and contacts as they can.

To find out more visit the Stellar Quines website.

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